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Ja Rule - Reprasent

[Ja Rule]
I represent Gangsta Shit
Niggaz that spent time on the brick for keys on the strip
Loadin my clips, givin ass niggaz the shits
Life's a bitch, gotta murda to get rich
And infamous, that's when the game gets deep
Gotta re-up, cop heat and hit the streets
Now the feds is buggin me, D.T. straight fucking me
The whole operation shook, bitches ain't loving me
No more, see, I gotta make a switch
Should I lay low or run wild and stick shit
Ran up a team, that's striclty dedicated to cream
It's time to go outta town and wash niggaz clean
For everything they got, leave nothing to spare

2007-08-18 02:20:22, Richie