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Ian Janis - At Seventeen

Boy I really tied one on
Spent the night away from home
I know you're not to blame
if I can't recall your name
and I'm sorry if it causes you pain

Boy I really lost my head
I woke up in a double bed
Allow me the pleasure
of taking your measure
though I'm sure you ain't
nobody's treasure
And I know it isn't ladylike
to do what I've done tonight

Wake up I've got news for you
Nobody's knocking at your door
Nobody's gonna pull you through
Nobody needs you anymore, yeah yeah
Nobody's knocking at your door

Boy I went around the bend
Thought I'd made a lifelong friend
Imagine my surprise
when I looked into your eyes
and saw the kind of friends
you meant
I think I'm gonna take the cure
I'm going on the wagon for sure
I may feel a fool
for a Sunday or two
but it's better than a Sunday with you
And I know it isn't ladylike
to do what I've done tonight


2007-08-17 18:25:57, Richie