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Piatok 23. august 2019 | Meniny má Filip, zajtra Bartolomej › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Hitchcock Robyn - The Lizard

He came bursting out of nowhere like a sphere into the sun
And he cast his light on everything, it was like he never died
And he landed right on target, but the target rolled away
And it left him pointing nowhere you could hear the children
He's the fellow, the man who invented himself
When you need her love so badly but she's trying to relax
You can't work it with your fingers so you try it with an axe
And he taps you on the shoulder; looking out for number one
Is like drilling for a rainbow or an iceberg in the sun
He's the fellow, the man who invented himself
Nobody knows where he's from
Nobody knows where he's gone and gone and gone
But he's not here
When you're waiting for your baby to get back from the moon
And throw her arms around you, in a fairly quiet lagoon
Well that loneliness is nothing, just imagine how he feels
He's the only person in the world who still believes he's real
He's the fellow, the man who invented himself

2007-08-17 18:15:57, Richie