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Gypsy Kyss - Somewhere With Somebody Else

I remember way back when
We'd walk barefoot in the sand
Nothing could ever stop us
But, we never stopped to think and who cared about tomorrow
Days that summer stained
Eyes that filled with rain
The past is all too swallow
Now that you're gone
I wil never forget
Sunrise, Sunset
I said the words
You made no promises
I'd paint the picture
You'd draw the line
Bonds of love don't hold you down
They hold you together
I see the rise; You see the signs
I see the fall
Things will happen that I just can't explain
The more I give to you the more you keep taking away
I've paced a thousand floors
I gave it all and you still wanted more
A passion for fire
With a fear of the flame

2007-08-17 17:42:41, Richie