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Štvrtok 22. október 2020 | Meniny má Sergej, zajtra Alojzia › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Guttermouth - Bruce Lee Vs. The Kiss Army

So you think your Kung Fo's pretty good huh?
I want to fight your brother
Him against me
let's Kung Fo!

The smoke is clearing you can see
Peter and Paul Stanley
Kareem and Bruce they've made a truce
While Ace and Gene took pcp
A flying kick right threw air
His foot got stuck in Peter's hair
Ace and Gene took on kareem
But slipped and fell on afro shene
Then Bruce said yeah oh boy
I think he meant la choy
kareem and bruce dont miss when throwing stars at Kiss
Gene now has a shorter tounge
He should have used his love gun
Gene and Ace escaped today
The'll live to fight another day
Oh my god aceint chinesse secrect sent by budda
Bruce and Kareem shooting baskets two points

2007-08-17 17:41:50, Richie