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Great White - Loveless Age

(Jack Russell, Michael Lardie, Jack Blades)

When I was younger, trusted fate to pave the way
Love was so easy, just a game that children play
No time-out for changes, all my days are darkened dreams
Now there ain't nothin' and nothin's what it seems

You know heartache comes full circle yeah
Has the past returned again, again

I'm upside down
I don't understand you anymore
Is it somebody else I see walkin' through my door
No more lies on the table, no more pictures on the wall
Feel like I'm livin' in a loveless age

Night brings no comfort, a rider on the storm
Lookin' for reason in the face of destiny
'Cause faith has no meaning in a broken dream
Where there ain't no one, and no one's who they seem

You know heartache comes full circle
And the scars on the soul never fade

Feel like I'm livin' in a loveless age

I don't want you, what I need
Is the touch of a woman
Who won't try to make me bleed
Maybe I'm crazy, yeah baby that's me
No, no, no, no, no don't go draggin' me down
And then leave me to drown in this loveless age

Feel like I'm livin' in a loveless age
Feel like I'm livin'
In a loveless age, oh
Livin' in a loveless age, oh yeah
It's not that easy in a loveless age
No more, no more in a loveless age

2007-08-17 17:36:04, Richie