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Piatok 23. august 2019 | Meniny má Filip, zajtra Bartolomej › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Gomez - The Dajon Song

There's a dog in the stew
As gratan as blues
Some creaky old muse
Whose dice are fallin
Nuweiba sand flew
So stay out of view
And tear out a pew
As Cairo Callin away

I'm not as prego as you
Caprese eel brew
As play out as twos
And losin my cruiser
Some mustard to chew
As a lebanese druse
So easy to bruise
With pedros drawing

One hit and we're down
We're callin in the hounds
Let's get out of this down
But one hit and we're down....

....I'm not as dajon as you

It's a skeleton view
Is a rotten old dude
For assibyn hues
We paintin lifestyles
With weird tattoos
As korsican tombs
I'm not as dajon as you
With wayward flugels

Blowin into town
One hit and we're down
Courtin in the hounds
One hit and we're down....

....I'm not as dajon as you
..I'm not as dajon as you

Put all the west side on the east side
Put all the east side on the west side

2007-08-17 18:02:58, Richie