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Gits - Slaughter of Bruce

I tear myself apart and I throw it on the ground
in front of you
Can't hide that I'm a social wreck
And though I sit within the wounds that one day
could destroy me
Sometimes it's hard to find my friends
As far us I can see it, I ain't got nothing else
And with all that you've taken from me, you car
answer that yourself
This twisted world can sometimes seem like it's
caving in around me
But I will not let it waste my mind
And though you're holding out on what lets me
know where I stand
Sometimes it makes it worse to know I ever trusted you
As far as I can see it, I ain't got nothing else
And with all that you've taken from me, you can
answer that yourself
Don't try it, don't tell me lies and call it some kind of truth
Go ahead and walk me, walk closer, escort me
right to the edge
Push me, push me I don't care, 'cause I'll keep coming back
Slightly stronger, despite the worlds you've left and
unbled and said
Well just keep your twisting, keep your twisting
But I'll keep breathing, I keep breathing.
There it goes, you're burning, you can't anticipate
The things you push for now are just forgotten
the next day
And there you're masturbating your own thoughts
in our own eyes
And there you push the things on us you
won't let us deny
There you go, you're pushing us again
Well, I won't always help you understand
there you're setting your whole life on lies
Forget about tomorrow, we're all here to survive
So you apologize and I accept it all on fate
But still you do not try to push away your old mistakes
And now I find myself underhand to what you want
you think you'll find it better child
Well, go out and find it all

2007-08-17 17:55:43, Richie