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Texty piesní od george-strait

» 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero
» 80 Proof Bottle Of Tear Stopper
» A Fire I Can't Put Out
» A Little Heaven's Rubbing Off On Me
» A Love Without End
» A Real Good Place To Start
» Ace In The Hole
» Adalida
» Adalide
» All My Ex's Live In Texas
» All Of Me ( Loves All Of You)
» Always Never the Same
» Am I Blue
» Amarillo By Morning
» Angel, Angelina
» Any Old Time
» Anything You Can Spare
» As Far As It Goes
» Away In A Manager
» Baby Blue
» Baby Your Baby
» Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye
» Back To Bein' Me
» Beyond The Blue Neon
» Bigger Man Than Me
» Blame It On Mexico
» Blue Clear Sky
» Blue Is Not A Word
» Can Still Make Cheyenne
» Carried Away
» Carrying Your Love With Me
» Cow Town
» Cowboys Like Us
» Dance Time In Texas
» Deep Water
» Do The Right Thing
» Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind
» Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You
» Don't Mind If I do
» Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love
» Down And Out
» Down Louisiana Way
» Drinking Champagne
» Easy Come, Easy Go
» Eighty Proof Bottle Of Tear Stopper
» Every Time It Rains
» Every Time It Rains (Lord Don't It Pour)
» Everytime You Throw Dirt On Her ( You Lose A Little Ground)
» Famous Last Words Of A Fool
» Faults And All
» Fifteen Years Going Up (And One Night coming Down)
» Fool Hearted Memory
» For Christ Sake, It's Christmas
» Four Down And Twelve Across
» Friday Night Fever
» Frosty The Snowman
» Get Along With You
» Go On
» Gone As A Girl Can Get
» Good Time Charley's
» Haven't You Heard
» Heartbroke
» Heartland
» Heartland (Main Title Sequence)
» Heaven Must Wondering Where You Are
» Her Goodbye Hit Me In The Heart
» Her Only Bad Habit Is Me
» Here We Go Again
» Holding My Own
» HollyWood Squares
» Home Improvement
» Home In San Antone
» Honky Tonk Crazy
» Honky Tonk Down Stairs
» Honky Tonk Saturday Night
» Hot Burning Flames
» Check Yes Or No
» Cheyenne
» Chill Of An Early Fall
» I Ain't Never Seen No One Like You
» I Can Still Make Cheyenne
» I Can't See Texas From Here
» I Cross My Heart
» I Just Want To Dance With You
» I Know She Still Loves Me
» I Look At You
» I Met A Friend Of Yours Today
» I Need Someone Like Me
» I Wasn't Fooling Around
» I'd Just As Soon Go
» I'D Like To Have That One Back
» I'll Always Be Loving You
» I'm Never Gonna Let You Go
» I'm Satisfied With You
» I've Come To Expect It From You
» I've Convinced Everybody But Me
» I've Got A Funny Feeling
» I've Seen That Look On Me (A Thousand Times)
» If I Know Me
» If It's Gonna Rain
» If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin'
» If You Can Do Anything Else
» If You're Thinking You Want A Stranger (There's One Coming Home)
» In Too Deep
» Is It Already Time
» Is It That Time Again
» It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You
» It's Alright With Me
» It's Too Late Now
» Just Look At Me
» Just Wat To Dance With You
» King Of the Mountain
» Last In Love
» Last Time The First Time
» Lead On
» Leavin's Been Comin' (For A Long, Long Time)
» Lefty's Gone
» Let's Fall To Pieces Together
» Let's Get Down To It
» Living And Living Well
» Lonesome Rodeo cowboy
» Lookin' Out My Window Through The Pain
» Love Comes From The Other Side
» Love Without End Amen
» Lovebug
» Lover In Disguise
» Lovesick Blues
» Maria
» Marina Del Ray
» Meanwhile
» Merry Christmas Strait To You
» Milk Cow Blues
» Murder On Music Row
» My Heart Won't Wander Very Far From You
» My Life's Been Grand
» My Old Flame Is Burnin' Another Honky Tonk Down
» Need I Say More
» Neon Row
» No One But You
» Nobody Has To Get Hurt
» Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her
» Ocean Front Property
» Oh Me, Oh My Sweet Baby
» One Night At A Time
» One of You
» One Step At A Time
» Our Love Is Unconditional
» Our Paths May Never Cross
» Overnight Male
» Overnight Success
» Peace of Mind
» Remember The Alamo
» Rhythm Of The Road
» Right Or Wrong
» Rockin' In the Arms Of Your Memory
» Round About Way
» Run
» Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
» Second Chances
» She Knows When You're On My Mind
» She Lays It All On The Line
» She Loves Me (She Don't Love You)
» She Took The Wind From His Sails
» She'll Leave You With A Smile
» She'll Leave You With A Smile (Slower Song)
» She's Playing Hell Trying To Get Me To Heaven
» Should Have Watched
» So Much Like My Dad
» Someone Had To Teach You
» Someone's Walkin' Around Upstairs
» Stars On The Water
» Stay Out Of My Arms
» Stranger In My Arms
» Stranger Things Have Happened
» Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa
» That's Me (Every Chance I Get)
» That's The Breaks
» That's The Truth
» That's Where I Wanna Take Our Love
» That's Where I Wanna Take Our Love (And Settle Down)
» That's Where My Baby Feels At Home
» The Best Day
» The Big One
» The Cowboy Rides Away
» The Fire I Can't Put Out
» The Fireman
» The Chair
» The Chill Of An Early Fall
» The King Of Broken Hearts
» The Man In Love With You
» The Middle Of Nowhere
» The Nerve
» The Night's Just Right For Love
» The Only Thing I Have Left
» The Real Thing
» The Road Less Traveled
» The Steal Of The Night
» The Thoughts Of A Fool
» There's A New Kid In Town
» Thoughts Of A Fool
» Today My World Slipped Away
» Too Much Of Too Little
» Trains Make Me Lonesome
» True
» Under These Conditions
» Unwound
» We Must Be Lovin' Right
» We Must Be Loving Right
» We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This
» We're Supposed To Do That Now And Then
» What A Merry Christmas This Could be
» What Am I Waiting for
» What did You Expect Me to Do
» What Do You Say To That
» What's Going On In Your World
» When Did You Stop Loving Me
» When It's Christmas Time In Texas
» Where The Sidewalk Ends
» Which Side Of The Glass
» White Christmas
» Why Not Now
» Winter Wonderland
» Without Me Around
» Without You Here
» Won't You Come Home (And Talk To A Stranger)
» Wonderland of Love
» Write This Down
» You can't Buy Your Way Out Of the Blues
» You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody
» You Can't Make Heart Love Somebody
» You Haven't Left Me Yet
» You Know Me Better Than That
» You Look So Good In Love
» You Still Get To Me
» You Sure Got This Ol' Redneck Feellin' Blue
» You're Dancin' This Dance All Wrong
» You're Right I'm Wrong
» You're Something Special To Me
» You're Stronger Than Me
» You're The Cloud I'm On (when I'm High)