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Utorok 21. január 2020 | Meniny má Vincent, zajtra Zora › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Geoff Moore And The Distance - Listen To Our Hearts

Show me a man whose heart is faithful
Show me a man who longs for the truth
Show me a man who still believes
God will do what He said He will do

And I will
Show you a man who knows his history
Show you a man who knows about his roots
Show you a man who understands
That God will lead his people through

If you are waiting in the wilderness
Or in the shade of the promised land
You've got to

Stand where you are, sure in your call
Believe in the one who brought you this far
Consider the price that was paid for it all
And if he should fall
Remember who you are

He was the God of Isaac and Jacob
He was the God of Abraham
That same God is alive and well
And living in the hearts of faithful men
And when the enemy comes calling
Never forget that you're one of the chosen

2007-08-17 17:48:10, Richie