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Geoff Moore And The Distance - Good To Be Alive

(Verse 1)
There is a house
Not made of steel or stone
There is a house
Made of flesh and bone
Open to the hurting
Open to the lost
Welcoming the rich and poor man
There is no charge
Love has paid the cost

Let the doors swing open
To the house of faith
Every tribe and nation, Every tongue and race
Under Jesus' banner, Let us all embrace
There can be no labels
In the house of faith

(Verse 2)
In this house
There are rooms for the confused
In this house
There are rooms for the abused
Places for the disillusioned
That once saw wrong as right
Hands to hold the week and fallen
As a run toward redemption's light

(Repeat Chorus)

2007-08-17 17:48:09, Richie