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Utorok 29. september 2020 | Meniny má Michal, Michaela, zajtra Jarolím › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Geoff Moore And The Distance - Aware Of Wonder

(Verse 1)
There are times when we are tested
And when the fire is chasing you
Don't lie down, stand your ground
When you know the Savior's watching
Just in time he'll pull you through
Don't despair, He is there

We've been called to hope
Called to believe
We know that the Lord is at our side
We've been called to hope
Called to believe
We are called to trust Him with our lives

(Verse 2)
When it's like the sea is raging
And when the waves are crashing down
Don't lose sight, hold on tight
Don't let your heart be troubled
Cause in His time He'll calm the storm
Don't you fear, the end is near

When you see another hurting
Won't you show them someone cares
You can help in times of trouble
You might be an answer to their prayer

2007-08-17 17:48:09, Richie