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Gene Watson - Atlanta Anymore

Inside a suit coat pocket in the back of his closet today
She found a letter among the bills he forgot to pay
It was addressed to a woman
A name she'd never seen before
It started out, I'm sorry
But I won't be in Atlanta anymore

As she read the words he'd written
She found it hard to believe her eyes
At first she was angry then slowly she began to cry
'Cause somewhere down in Georgia
He'd taken off the wedding ring he wore
And it didn't help a whole lot knowin'
That he won't be in Atlanta anymore

He said I won't be in Atlanta anymore
And I'm sorry that I lied to you before
The truth is I got a wife and two children three and four
And I won't be in Atlanta anymore

At the bottom of the last page
He'll never know the P.S. that she wrote
'Cause she folded up the pages
And slipped them back into the envelope
Then she took the goodbye letter
And dropped it in the mailbox on the porch
She thought, the woman ought to know
That Atlanta's not a secret anymore

She wrote, he won't be in Atlanta anymore
And I don't know why he lied to you before
But, God knows, I still love him and I'm just makin' sure
That he won't be in Atlanta anymore
He wrote it and she mailed it
He won't be in Atlanta anymore

2007-08-17 17:46:36, Richie