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Texty piesní od gene-watson

» A Better Place To Die
» Ain't No Fun Being Alone In San Antone
» Almost Like Having You Here
» Ashes To Ashes
» Atlanta Anymore
» Baby Me, Baby
» Back In The Fire
» Bad Water
» Because You Believed In Me
» Bedroom Ballad
» Bottle Of Tears
» Completely Out Of Love
» Cowboys Don't Get Lucky All The Time
» Don't Waste It On The Blues
» Dreams Of A Dreamer
» Everything I Used To Do
» Farewell Party
» Fighting Fire With Fire
» Fourteen Carat Mind
» From Cotton To Satin
» Full Time Fool
» Getting Over You Again
» Got No Reason Now For Goin' Home
» Her Body Couldn't Keep You Off My Mind
» Change Her Mind
» I Saved Your Place
» I Won't Be Sleeping Alone
» I'd Love To Live With You Again
» If I'm A Fool For Leaving
» It Don't Hurt Me Half As Bad
» John's Back In Town
» Just How Little I Know
» Lonely Me
» Love In The Hot Afternoon
» Mama Sold Roses
» Memories To Burn
» Missing You Just Started Hitting Home
» No One Will Ever Know
» Nothing About Her Reminds Me Of You
» Nothing Sure Looked Good On You
» Old Loves Never Die
» One-Sided Conversations
» Paper Rosie
» Pick The Wildwood Flower
» Roads And Other Reasons
» Rollin' Home
» Rose In The Sand
» Shadows On The Wall
» She Found The Key
» Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go Crazy)
» Sittin' On A Gold Mine
» Somethin' 'bout Bein' Gone
» Somewhere Over You
» Speak Softly, You're Talking To My Heart
» Starting New Memories Today
» Take It From Me
» Take Off Them Shoes
» That Evil Child
» That Tone Of Voice
» The Girl I Used To Run Around On
» The Great Divide
» The Heart Of A Clown
» The Jukebox Played Along
» The Last Thing I Planned To Do Today Was Cheat
» The Man An' Me And You
» The Old Man And His Horn
» The Sun Never Comes Up Again
» This Dream's On Me
» This Torch That I Carry For You
» Till Melinda Comes Around
» What She Don't Know Won't Hurt Her
» When A Fool Learns
» Where Love Begins
» You Could Know As Much About A Stranger
» You Sure Make Cheatin' Seem Easy