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G. Love And Special Sauce - Comming Home

in the fall leaves turn brown
nature sngs it song takes its course
now i know il be aveling on
winters comming theeairis gettng cold
birds are flying down teh highway in the sky
this place is chaningso ami
ive got to leave itall behind
then someday ill beback to to claim whats mine
and ont wory
someday ill be comming home

yes and dnt worry nw
someay ill be comming home

i dont knwo where i want to go but theres
one thing i know ive got o be on my own
s watch meas i go rambling down the road
singing songs of tales untold
mystery men and the day of old
im going where my dreams can b
where life is not reality where visons clad in colos true
can ake me wher eim going to anddont worry
someday ill be cmmng home
yes and dontworry now
someday ill be comming home

i dont now what im looking for
im ooking for an open door
to take me wher ei can live my life
the way wantto
ill do things my way
right or wrong
play and sing all day long
have my and tret it well
and be kind to my fellow man
you may say this aint right
thats how ill go about my life
ill be light as a feather floating here and there
i dont know
someday ill be comming home

yes and dont worry now
someday ill be comming hoe

im comming hom
im comming home
dont worry now

2007-08-17 17:09:58, Richie