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Freestyle - Blind Love

baby give me a chance
may I have this dance
don't make it the last
make it the first
pratically loved, always hated
by jealous ones
just understand where I'm comin' from

I was the one chosen
I got my own destiny
I need a route to find my life
I just hope my life is 4 u
I just need you next to me
or atleast for now 'til then listen

when you look into my eyes
do you see my pain
our love is blind
still it can't see through anything

I can't rap I can't think
I'm a ghost in your mind
I had a little 2 much 2 drink
when I'm not with you
I'm with another, what
you thought I was goin' 2
be stuck on you
I was but you let go
now we back together
and It just isn't the same
this love has changed

when you look in my eyes
do you see my pain
our love is blind
still can't see through anything

2007-08-17 17:04:48, Richie