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Fisher - Mary

From the album: True North, Released 11.14.2000
Interscope Records/Farmclub.com

I woke up and Mary was still gone
Thought if I stopped hurting she would come back
To me
Walk right through the door and say, "Ahhh huhhhh!
I was only joking - didn't you look silly crying!"
But I wake up and Mary is still gone

I looked at the clock and it was
Lying on the floor exactly where I threw it
Both hands smashed against its silver face
My feeble attempt to stop
Time but time goes on
And I wake up and Mary is still gone

Mary was it necessary
To leave before the party
I know it's selfish to say
You always brought the cake now
What will I eat with all these tears?

I looked at the list and saw her name
Kick myself, she never got an invitation
Kid myself, I'm sure somehow she knew
My stupid attempt to find
Some way to move on
But I wake up and Mary is still gone
Mary is still gone

2007-08-17 17:22:30, Richie