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Feelers, The - Mary

Mary hasn’t come alive
Well please take away pain
I’ve been walking in the rain here without you

You’ve already felt this
Well now come and taste this
Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and like it

Miracles come and fantasies go
I’ll take you in it nice and slow
Well I am waiting for the rain and may you like it

I wished you never gone out today
All you wanna do is run away
Maybe today you’ll like it

Well I’m just waiting for the rain
Maybe you’ll come again
And maybe some day you’ll like it
I don’t know

Mary hasn’t come all right
Well please take away my pain
I’ve been waiting in the rain here without you

I’m just waiting for the rain to come
I’m just waiting for the rain to come

2007-08-17 17:18:28, Richie