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Fall - Pine Leaves

(They gave their lives during the occupation
Arranged at the end of Japan
It was not a concentration camp
A million dead here
And still we believe
As ghost presence
How does it show a dream
As ghosts
I've heard the same
How does this end
They come from
They come from verdant albion
And still
Still they breathe
The corpor of this leaden leaf
Folding out with ghost
Still in the tub of side for bone shakes
These apes were once born
Fluid now
That's the truth
Drawn from the in-outlet
(One hundred thousand people perished there)
I still wish I could have seen you all
They lived thousand
The hills at dusk
Because they knew all the horrible
Culturations and evocations
From verdant green-yellow puddles
Purcell appears in the form of an angel
It's now
No good
(I want to wish you a happy journey back home)

2007-08-17 16:55:11, Richie