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Fall - And This Day

The red chicken claw in snow
outside `The Star of India" the
**Reminders**(crossed out) compounds ^ councils' lack of salt +
Reminds of past blunders.
The body's like a U.S. football players
blades make presence felt.
Worked 3 weeks nearly full solid
Got cut on finger from a steel tripod
There's a plaster on it and it will
soon heal over.
(double underline)>>And this day no matter what and never
(blotch)who fills baskets or who's just thereThe whole Earth shudders.<
Who are the translators?
(wiggly underline)~You show me the bloody poor bores.
~And this day the surroundings are
~screaming on the roads~
So Y'even mistrust your own feelings
and In the greyer B-1 Glandel ares, [???? extra-scribbly writing
The few days I had off are just a bank
of fog. And this day seen from a glass.

2007-08-17 16:54:48, Richie