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Nedeľa 25. október 2020 | Meniny má Aurel, zajtra Demeter › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Face Down (US) - Manmade God

On the eighth day the voice said to me
"Open your mind and you shall be free
Preach the word in a convenient way
And you will become like unto thee"
I ask for nothing but the truth in plain
No concealing shrouds or cold disdain
"If you convince them that you are no fraud
Then you'll be the new man made god
And they'll all come to worship at your feet
Get on their knees and pray
All seeking salvation
They'll never take your name in vain"
If I spoke the word and the world should hear
And millions flocked just to be near
If I denounce and serve a finer way
And all the people they came to pray
If I preach the words that will set us free
Will I not become like unto thee
Convince them that I am no fraud
That I am the new man made god
God made man from a man made god
Eternal parallel intertwined
The souls purpose to solely serve
Internal fear lying inside
If all the chosen will speak my name
And all feared to take me in vain
Absolve your sins and your faith applaud
I give you the man made god

2007-08-17 16:41:52, Richie