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Face Down (US) - Legion

Look out over our city streets
See the violence below
Losers cling to their hallowed ground
Only faith that they know
Youth collides in opposing prides
The body count escalates with no reprise

We are legion we are defiance
We are legion we are the violence
We are legion we are the future

We are the masters of our fate, slaves to the paper god
Carry the burden of estate, with overwhelming odds
Disinterest with the public interest
As exponential problem that learned how to resist
We got your name and we got your number
You're the next one on our list
Youth collides in opposing prides
Overwhelming carnivorous rise

We are legion we are defection
We are legion with no direction
We are legion we are the future

We are your nightmare but we're your only chance
The song stays the same change is in the dance
Contagion I got a stiff rage on
I am youth I am Legion
Shakedown another fuckin' breakdown
Fuck with us your gunnin' for a takedown
Aggressive season rhyme to the reason
We are youth and we are fuckin' legion

Fuck you too blind to see

2007-08-17 16:41:51, Richie