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Sobota 24. október 2020 | Meniny má Kvetoslava, zajtra Aurel › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Earthling - Echo on my mind

Well now you're always in my mind
(Thats the power)
And now you're always in my soul
(In the depths of the ocean lie)
And how you always undo what you told
No matter what you see before you
(its a dream too)
It's just ? ? ?
(Help yourself)
No matter what you want to be, its yours
'Cause when you're loving ?
We will be forever
(We will be having these two needs)
Holding on to the last
We will be surviving
Going to a violent lie
(If you listen to your heart and glisten)
And always shining red bright
Fire like the loving you will never know
(If there's something you will like me to know)

You will be the starlight when i'm blind
You will be the echo on my mind
(You will be sorrow)
You will be the starlight in my eye
(All on my own)
(Oh i'll have nothing to live)
'Cause it will be something we cannot do without it

If you want to leave
(Wake me now)
You'll just have to wait
And you may pay-back every night
And you may harbor to the light
And you may give back to the force
And you were wanting to belong
And there'll be mountains to disguise
And maybe thousands realize
And there'll be instance to deny
But it will always be there 'cause
History will recall
The blood we shed
History will recall
The feelings that we made
Fade into light
And it would be some sacrifice

2007-08-17 16:20:42, Richie