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Earth Wind And Fire - THIS WORLD TODAY

Maurice White, Wade Flemmons & Don Whitehead

In this new world
The world of today
Now you might think
That the world has changed
But boy meets girl
Same as before
And they vow their love forever more
In this world today.

In this new world
Of troubled times
Just you look back
And I'm sure you'll find
Man fighting man
For no cause at all
And though it is wrong
The fighting goes on
In this world today.

Why do you say
We're in a different bag
When all the things you did
Were just as bad.

In this new world
Of suffering
Love, peace of mind
Should be our thing
Let man join hands
The old and the young
And let every heart
Now beat as one
In this world today.

Love, peace of mind should be our thing
Love, peace of mind should be our thing
Love, peace of mind should be our thing.

2007-08-17 16:20:05, Richie