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Streda 11. december 2019 | Meniny má Hilda, zajtra Otília › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Earth Wind And Fire - Frontline Of Seduction

Hot night and I'm ready
Her game is rock steady
A long time I've been waiting
Hyped up, anticipating

Fall weak by the hour
Wanna climb her ivory tower
Embrace and devour
She's still in total power

In the dark, feel my heart
Racing when the ringing start
Watch her breathe, such a tease
Fantasy's what I need to melt her heart
Then she'll say to me:

On the frontline of seduction
I've been waiting at the junction
You're the one man who can function

On the frontline
Baby what I want
Baby what I need
Is the love I feel
When you aim at me

I dial the phone she won't answer
Can't sleep, I'm her prancer
Lay here, watch her shadow
Plan a move to win the battle

Last night, at the party
Cold sweat hugs my body
Here eyes are up and down me
Her scent all around me

Start to move, cross the room
And she drops out of view
Just as I think that my
Luck is dry I see her try to catch my eye
And then she says to me:

Baby what I want
Baby what I need
Is the love I feel
When you aim at me

2007-08-17 16:20:37, Richie