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Disney - Out There

The world is cruel, the world is wicked
It's I alone who you can trust in this whole city
I am your only friend
I who keep you, teach you, feed you, dress you
I who look upon you without fear
How can I protect you, boy, unless you always stay in here
Away in here.
(Spoken) Remember what I've taught you, Quasimodo.
You are deformed (Quasimodo): I am deformed
And you are ugly (Quasimdo): And I am ugly
And these are crimes for which the world shows little pity
You do not comprehend (Quasimodo): You are my one defender
Out there, they'll revile you as a monster (Quasimodo): I am a monster
Out there, they will hate and scorn and jeer (Quasimodo): Only a monster
Why invite their calumny and consternation, stay in here
Be faithful to me (Quasimodo): I'm faithful
Grateful to me (Quasimodo): I"m grateful
Do as I say, obey, (Quasimodo): I'll stay
(Both): In here.
Quasimodo: Safe behind these windows and these parapets of stone
Gazing at the people down below me
All my life I watch them as I hide up here alone
Hungry for the histories they show me.
All my life I memorize their faces,
knowing them as they will never know me
All my life I wonder how it feels to pass a day
Not abover them, but part of them
And out there, living in the sun
Give me one day out there, all I ask is one
To hold forever, out there
Where they all live unaware
What I'd give, what I'd dare
Just to live one day out there!
Out there among the millers and the weavers and their wives
Through the roofs and gables I can see them
Everyday they shout and scold and go about their lives
Heedless of the gift it is to be them
If I was in their skin, I'd treasure every instant
Out there, strolling by the Siene
Taste a morning out there, like ordinary men
Who freely walk about there
Just one day, and then I swear I'll be content
With my share
Won't resent,
won't despair,
Old and bent,
I won't care
I'll have spent one day out there!

2007-08-17 16:01:41, Richie