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Disney - Don't Come Out Of Thin Air

[Jasmine] You showed me the world
When i was all locked up inside
You reached out your hand
And took me on a magic carpet ride
One look at your smile and i could see the light
Shinning everywhere
People like you, don't come out of thin air

[Aladdin] Oh Jasmine

You don't understand
There is so much that you don't see
Just think if you can
What growing up had to be like for me
Your fathers a man
Who teaches you who you are
Mine was never there
So how can you say
I don't come out of thin air

Theres so much i want to know
[Jasmine] You've got the chance to learn
[Aladdin] If it means i have to go
[Jasmine] I'll be right here when you return

Our wedding can wait
[Aladdin] i love you
[Jasmine] I think it's worth this small delay
[Aladdin] Maybe your right
[Jasmine] And won't it be great
To have your father see our wedding day

[Aladdin] I've waited so long
[Jasmine] It isn't too late
[Aladdin] To learn the truth

[Both] And know at last we can finally say

[Jasmine] Your father is really there
[Aladdin] There's so much that we might share
[Jasmine] And you'll finally learn

[Both] You don't come out of thin air

2007-08-17 16:00:48, Richie