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Pondelok 14. október 2019 | Meniny má Boris, zajtra Terézia › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Disney - A Girl Worth Fighting For

For a long time we've been marching off to battle
In a thundering herd we feel a lot like cattle
Like the pounding beat,
Our aching feet aren't easy to ignore,

Hey! Think of instead, a girl worth fighting for!


That's what I said, a girl worth fighting for!

I want her paler than the moon,
With eyes that shine like stars

My girl will marvel at my strength,
Adore my battle scars

I couldn't care less what she'll wear,
Or what she looks like,
It all depends on what she cooks like:

'Bet the local girls thought you are quite the charmer
And I'll bet the ladies love a man in armour

You can guess what we have missed the most,
Since we've been off to war

What do we want?
A girl worth fighting for!

My girl will think I have no faults,
And I'm a major find

How about a girl who's got a brain,
Who always speaks her mind?


My manly ways and turn of phrase,
Are sure to thrill her!

He thinks he's such a lady killer

I've got a girl at home,
Who's not like any other

Yeah, the only girl who loves him,
Is his mother!

But when we come home in victory,
They'll line up at the door

What do we want? A girl worth fighting for!

Wish that I had... a girl worth fighting for!

A girl worth fighting... for!

2007-08-17 16:00:23, Richie