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Texty piesní od del-amitri

» Always The Last To Know
» As Soon As The Tide Comes In
» Baby It's Me
» Be My Downfall
» Behind The Fool
» Being Somebody Else
» Breaking Bread
» Cash and Prizes
» Ceasefire
» Crashing Down
» Crows In The Wheatfield
» Cruel Light Of Day
» Cry To Be Found
» Deceive Yourself (In Ignorant Heaven)
» Driving With The Brakes On
» Drunk In A Band
» Empty
» Food For Songs
» Former Owner
» Funny Way To Win
» Hammering Heart
» Hatful Of Rain
» Heard Through A Wall
» High Times
» I Was Here
» I Won't Take The Blame
» It Might As Well Be You
» It's Never Too Late To Be Alone
» Jesus Saves
» Just Before You Leave
» Just Getting By
» Just Like A Man
» Keepers
» Kiss This Thing Goodbye
» Last Cheap Shot At The Dream
» Life Is Full
» Lucky Guy
» Make It Always Be Too Late
» Medicine
» Mother Nature's Writing
» Move Away Jimmy Blue
» Never Enough
» No Family Man
» Not Where At
» Not Where It's At
» Nothing Ever Happens
» One More Last Hurrah
» One Thing Left To Do
» Opposite View
» Out Falls The Past
» Roll To Me
» Roll With Me
» She's Passing This Way
» Some Other Sucker's Parade
» Sometimes I Just Have To Say Your Name
» Spit In The Rain
» Start With Me
» Sticks And Stones, Girl
» Stone Cold Sober
» Surface Of The Moon
» Tell Her This
» The First Rule Of Love
» The Last To Know
» The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
» This Side Of The Morning
» Through All That Nothing
» To Last A Lifetime
» Wash Her Away
» What I Think She Sees
» When I Want You
» When You Were Young
» Won't Make It Better
» You're Gone