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David Hasselhoff - Dance

I take you hand in mine
and jopurney back in time
to Avignon
do you recall the day
it seems like yesterday
when love come along
the little street cafe
where we would hide away
just playin' our song
we strolled along lover's lane
ignoring showers of rain
my sweet Madeline

We didn't own a thing
but we had everything
my Madeline
down by the riverside
we'd sit and watch the tide
my Madeline
we used to have such fun
we used to be as one
we're still the same
just picture in your mind
all those carefree times
my sweet Madeline

I found my fist love
in Avignon
my first and last love
in Avignon
let's go backand say hello
to the memories of long ago
together we'll wander
through old Avignon

The cafe still remains
although it's rearranged
our table's still there
the same old atmosphere
is that our song I hear
love everywhere
you look the same today
as you did yesterday
sun in your hair
gonna walk through the town
take a look around
with my sweet Madeline

2007-08-17 15:36:40, Richie