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Texty piesní od david-byrne

» A long time ago
» A Million Miles Away
» A self made man
» A soft seduction
» A Walk in the Dark
» Amnesia
» Angels
» Back in the Box
» Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)
» Big Business
» Broken Things
» Buck Naked
» Burnt by the sun
» Carnival Eyes (Mapeye)
» Crash
» Daddy go Down
» Dance on Vaseline
» Desconocido Soy
» Dirty Old Town (Mapeye)
» Don't Want to be Part of Your World (Samba)
» Eggs In A Briar Patch
» Everyone's in Love With You
» Finite = alright
» Fuzzy Freaky
» Girls on my Mind
» Good and Evil (Rumba/Llesa)
» Hanging Upside Down
» His Wife Refused
» I Know Sometimes a Man is Wrong
» Independence Day (Cumba)
» Lazy (X-Press 2 Feat. David Byrne)
» Lie to Me (Merengue)
» Like Humans Do
» Lilies of the valley
» Loco De Amor (Salsa/Reggae)
» Make Believe Mambo (Orisa)
» Marching Through the Wilderness (Charanga)
» Miss America
» Monkey Man
» My Big Hands (Fall Through the Cracks)
» My love is you
» Neighborhood
» Nothing at all
» Now I'm Your Mom
» Office Cowboy (Pagode)
» Poison
» Sad song
» She's Mad
» Smile
» Somebody
» Something ain't Right
» Strange Ritual
» The Accident
» The Call of the Wild (Merengue)
» The Civil Wars
» The Cowboy Mambo (Hey Lookit me Now)
» The Dream Police (Cha Cha Cha)
» The Gates of Paradise
» The Great Intoxication
» The Moment of Conception
» The Revolution
» The Rose Tattoo (Bomba/Mozambique)
» They are in love
» Tiny Town
» Twistin' in the Wind
» U.B. Jesus
» Walk on Water
» What A Day That Was
» Wicked little Doll
» Women vs. Men (Bolero)
» You and Eye
» You don't know me