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D.I. - Venus De Milo

Burn this, kick that
Whar are you trying to say?
Hands of glory, so what's the story?
Anyone's game to play
The candle's lit, the crystal ball
And now we're gonna raise the dead
Hell, heavan, and in between
Think about it. It's all been said!
I'm saved. I'm lost. That's superstitious mind
Holy water and pentagram the sacriligious wine
And all those books by Charles M. Schultz
Disney Channel's finest
Right this way, don't be late
It's tragedy!
The last show, the best you'll see
So show, we'll all be there
Why waste your time picking teams?
Hey, kick back, get up
Putting in worshiptime
Such a nice, happy spell
But goat killing is still a crime
Sipping wine, oh black devine
Every story's said
It's tragedy again you see
And everybody's bled
Tragedy again
No beginning, no end
And no denial
And no one will win
(Repeat first and second verse)
Tragedy again
There's no beginning, no end
And no denial
And no one will win
It's tragedy again- Superstitious minds!

2007-08-17 14:17:26, Richie