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Continuum - Do We Remember

Making a trip through space and time
We all wanna cross the finish line
Running faster than a flash
Even when we're about to clash

Still we Dance Again

>From the day we learn to walk
We never thought we'd ever stop

And we Dance Again
Under the starting gun
We Dance Again
Till our race is run
Now we Dance Again
Under the storm

Swiftly swerve from right and wrong
We're fighting hard to come on strong
Those who made it to the top
Are dancing in their silky soft


So many candidates
But just a few get through the gates
Let Kismet lead the way
Another reason to Dance Again

Yeah we Dance Again...
Under the sun

Words by MAD
Music by Continuum
(c) Space-Time Records

2007-08-17 14:20:32, Richie