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Continental Drifters - Don't Do What I Did

Written by Peter Holsapple
Main Voice: PETER
Produced by Continental Drifters & Mike Mayeux
Released on 'Vermilion' (1999)


Don't do what I did
Don't do what I have done
Turning the world against ya
All in the name of having fun
You've got yourself to blame
You'll only feel ashamed
Like I do
Don't do what I did.

Don't do what I did
Don't break a beating heart
Don't try to rend asunder
What no man should tear apart
You'll always feel so bad
You'll only wish you hadn't
Done like I did
Don't do what I have done.

All the love I ever had
Only ever wanted bad
Bad enough to wind up dead
All the moves I might've made
All the best plans ever laid
Only wound up shot instead.

Don't do what I did
You break your own heart first
If you're miserable now, just wait
It only hurts all the worse
Like a presence that won't leave
It makes it hard to breathe
Don't do what I have done.

This is not a helping hand
I'm not one to understand
I'm just pointing out the time to you
How much more can one soul take
What's the measure of mistake
When all you ever make is mine.

Once you're a loser
All you can learn to do is
Don't do what I did
And pick on a love that's true
That was the big mistake
The one that I had to make
Don't do what I did
Don't do what I did
Don't do what I have done.

2007-08-17 14:20:29, Richie