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Pondelok 24. február 2020 | Meniny má Metej, zajtra Frederik(a) › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Clipse - I'm Not You

(Pusha T)(talking, voice echoing)
No, no, no
I told you, i live this shit,
i aint just up here, rapin and tappin,
spitin' and skitin' and shit, naw, unh unh, not me,
(beat starts) Im not you, im not you rapper, im not you, Pusha

I keep them ziplocks bustin' at the stitches,
Culinary chemist, I serve the malicious,
the brick the fiends fixes, one give you the sniffles,
the otha leave you wit the itches,
transport airport with the vaseline, so i can fulfill my dreams of pastures
thats green more cash than you seen, with an aston thats green, me drivin' her
fast with tha lean, zonin' fam'ly, keep youngin's
in them rented camry's, door panel full of shit and i aint full of shit,
reckless ass, god forbid they dont crash, from the panel to the dash and four
pounds of slab, naw bitch we dont beleive in airbags, cars turn tricks like
them ringlin' brother skits, whether a bitch hop out, or the glock pop out, you
know what im about, blow clear sinus till the snot drop out.

(Jadakiss)(overlapping last line)
Who ever said (?) is a damn lie, got em right here, and if i dont like you the
grams high, take it or leave it, soon as a fiend taste it he need it, they can
smoke it right in front of you and make you believe it, prob'ly think I wont
murder you the way i smile, but ima take a lotta shots AI style, and Jada, the
name is silky, but so what the muthafuckin' game is filthy, you know what, my
mom and my pops really did a good job, but it was the montegga and the 'cain
that built me so i, could never hate on anotha brotha, God is great the devil
is a mutha fucka, if u broke but they think u got money, crackers start showin'
you love, ya own people act funny, i tear niggas heads off, i dont
discriminate, fades, cornrows and dreads i will eliminate


2007-08-17 14:36:39, Richie