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Texty piesní od china-crisis

» A day's work for the dayo's done
» A golden handshake for every daughter
» African and white
» Age old need
» All my prayers
» Always
» Animalistic
» Animals in jungles
» Are we a worker
» Arizona sky
» Back home
» Be suspicious
» Best kept secret
» Bigger the punch I'm feeling
» Black man ray
» Blue sea
» Cucumber garden
» Day after day
» Diary of a hollow horse
» Does it pay
» Everyday the same
» Extended mix
» Feel to be driven away
» Gift of freedom
» Good again
» Greenacre bay
» Hampton beach
» Hands on the wheel
» Hanna Hanna
» Hard to be around
» Here come a raincloud
» Christian
» In northern skies
» It's everything
» It's never too late
» June bride
» King in a catholic style (Wake up)
» No more blue horizons (fool, fool, fool)
» No ordinary lover
» Papua
» Real tears
» Red letter day
» Red sails
» Safe as houses
» Saint Saviour Square
» Scream down at me
» Seven sports for all
» Singing the praises of finer things
» Some people I know to lead fantastic lives
» Stranger by nature
» Strength of character
» Sweet charity in adoration
» Tell me what it is
» Temptation's big blue eyes
» Thank you
» The gates of door to door
» The highest high
» The soul awakening
» The Understudy
» The way we are made
» The world spins I'm part of it
» This Occupation
» Trading in gold
» Tragedy and mystery
» Wall of God
» We do the same
» When the piper calls
» Wishful thinking
» Wishing time
» Without the love
» Working with fire and steel
» Worlds apart
» You did cut me
» You never see it