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Chagani Umair - Slowly

I can't seem to understand
Girl, why you hate me so
Is it because I love you so much?
And you know I won't let go
Why do you pretend to hate me?
To be someone elses friend
You hurt me but you say to her
"I'll be there 'til the end"
Actions do speak louder than words
'Cause truth the people say
But, when you understand my language of love
You'll enter a never-ending hallway
It's so hard for you to see
The truth straight from my eyes
I just wish that we could talk
Without saying our goodbyes
(repeat chorus)
(talking while chorus repeating in background)
Do you know all the pain I go through everyday
Thinkin' about you?
It hurts me to know
That you don't believe a word I say.
Come on baby,
We can work this out.
If not today,
Then maybe tomorrow.
But I hope it's soon.
'Cause i wanna enter
That never-ending hallway
With you.
(repeat chorus while fading)

2007-08-17 13:58:03, Richie