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Štvrtok 9. júl 2020 | Meniny má Lujza, zajtra Amália › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Busta Rhymes - Make it Hurt

we gon change things,
yea, genesis niggas, can i introduce ya'll the the muthafucking new millineum
yea, 2001 hot shit, hot shit, c'mon
all my niggas in the place all my bitches in the place
c'mon, c'mon lets get to it, lets get to it, lets get to it
all my niggas and my bitches lets get to it
new millenum bounce, new millenum bounce, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon

ayyo its cold than a muthafucka who just let the hawk in nigga guess who just
walked in
lenchmost mix'em up another nigga sit up on benchbroke
then i step up in a trechcoat nigga
got no time to be fuckin with one around my niggas
let me loosin up my broad strap round my nigga(listen up)
look how we be rippin up and got the party pickin up and got u niggas
spittin up (shit)
no pain nigga, neva no gain nigga no strain ohh the in da my cogain music
spit that vinum, pretty thick bitches walk by if you let they pussy printing
thru they denums
take her for a ride around the block, let her enjoy the air drop her off let
her walk the strip
aint it funny how nature work, make bitches want to boucne on a nigga tell they
make it hurt c'mon

shake yo shit until u make it hurt,
throw yo pussy till you make it hurt,
pop that shit till you make it hurt,
bounce till u really want to make it hurt,
now bang your head until u make it hurt, c'mon
stump ya feet until u make it hurt
pound that shit until u make it hurt, until we make it hurt, now lets make it
hurt c'mon

are we ever going to stop nigga
heck no, should have let me whip the muthafucka from the get go nigga,
let go fo u make a nigga want to let the tech blow
bitches dancing like a step-show nigga,
violate nigga, you gets no love kiddo, only give a nigga show love diddo
ya shit so little, fuck gives a nigga a riddle, fuck around and turn ya wife
into a widow
nitro nigga, make u want to wild on da floor, like a bunch of little pshyco
presto see we go a expo of bitches in here, wildin like a bunch of lesbo bithces
the best show of bitches some electro bitches c'mon,
get on ur mark and ready set go bitches
then we go and add a little propain to it,
then we send another whole flame to it,
clear everything in my path, before i split u in half,
you wack nigga betta get you a staff, feak bitches try to hit me with math,
brushin of wack niggas while seeing bitches giving me ass, yo
and let me more hot shit just for the record and make bitches want to get
ass naked, c'mon
party chicks you are the last out, betta yet you muthafuckas party until you
pass out


throw yall hands up high yall,
light yo L get high yall,
shit u can't denie yall,
dont try yall, just lie yall,
all my niggas inside yall, c'mon
lets start that shit yall, c'mon
and you know we wont quit, bang niggas with hit afta hit yall,
in the mean time nigga just pass me the heni, c'mon
little chris and a bottle of the remi,
write a hit, still sortin' it out, flip mode up in this mothafucka
nigga watcha talkin about? hold up
a lot of people aint compatible nigga, they be buggin on how a nigga spend
capital nigga
aint it funny how nature work
hot shit will make her bounce until she really want to make it hurt


2007-08-17 13:40:11, Richie