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Bush Kate - Symphony in Blue

Out in the garden, there's half of a heaven
And we're only bluffing
We're not ones for busting through walls
But they've told us unless we can prove
That we're doing it
We can't have it all.
He's gonna wangle a way to get out of it
She's an excuse
and a witness who'll talk when he's called
But they've told us
Unless we can prove that we're doing it
We can't have it all
We can't have it all
Suddenly my feet are feet of mud
It all goes slow-mo
I don't know why I'm crying
Am I suspended in Gaffa?
Not until I'm ready for you
Not until I'm ready for you
Can I have it all?
I try to get nearer
But as it gets clearer
There's something appears in the way
It's a plank in me eye
With a camel who's trying to get through it
Am I doing it?
Can I have it all now?
I pull out the plank
and say thank you for yanking me back
To the fact
That there's always something to distract
But sometimes it's hard
To know if I'm doing it right
Can I have it all?
Can I have it all now?
We can't have it all
I won't open boxes that I am not told to
I'm not a Pandora
I'm much more like
That girl in the mirror
Between you and me
She don't stand a chance of
Getting anywhere at all
Not anywhere at all
No, not a thing
She can't have it all.

2007-08-17 13:39:43, Richie