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Bush Kate - Hello Earth

You stood in the Belltower,
But now you're gone.
So we knows all the sights
Of Notre Dame?
They've got the stars for the gallant hearts,
I'm the replacement for your part,
But all I want to do it forget you friend.
Chorus Hammer Horror, Hammer Horror,
Won't leave me alone.
The first time in my life,
I keep the lights on,
To ease my soul.
Hammer Horror, Hammer Horror,
Won't leave it alone,
I don't know -
Is this the right thing to do?
Rehearsing in your things,
I feel guilty
And retracing all the scenes,
Of your big hit,
Oh God, you needed the leading role,
It wasn't me who made you go, though,
Now all I want to do is forget you, friend.
Who calls me from the other side,
Of the street?
And who taps me on the shoulder?
I turn around, but you're gone.
I've got a hunch that you're following,
To get your own back on me
So all I want to do is forget you, friend.
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2007-08-17 13:39:39, Richie