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Skladby od interpréta burns-robert

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Texty piesní od burns-robert

» A Mans a Man for a That
» A Mans a Man for All That
» A Pint O Wine
» A Waukrife Minnie
» Auld Lang Syne
» Awa Whigs Awa
» Blythe Was She
» Bonie Lesley
» Carl an the King Come
» Cauld Frosty Morning
» Comin Thro the Rye
» Craigieburn Wood
» Dainty Davie
» Duncan Gray
» Eppie Adair
» Fete Champetre
» Five Carlins
» Frae the Friends and Land I Love
» Green Sleeves
» Hey Tuti Tatey
» Highland Mary
» I Love My Love in Secret
» I Maun Hae a Wife
» I Sing of a Whistle
» Ill Mak You Be Fain to Follow Me
» Jamie Come Try Me
» John Barleycorn a Ballad
» John Come Kiss Me Now
» Johnny Cope
» Jumpin John
» Kissing My Kate Merry Hae I Been
» Laddie Lie Near Me
» Lady Onlie
» Lord Ronald
» Mary Morison Robert Burns
» Musing on the Roaring Ocean
» My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
» My Peggys Face
» My Wifes a Wanton Wee Thing
» No Churchman Am I
» O Dear Minny What Shall I Do
» O Mallys Meek
» On a Bank of Flowers
» Parcel O Rogues
» Peck O Maut
» Peggy Alison
» Raving Winds
» Robin Shure in Hairst
» Stay My Charmer Can You Leave Me
» The Banks O Doon
» The Battle of Sherramoor
» The Birks of Aberfeldie
» The Bonie Lass of Albanie
» The Campbells Are Comin
» The Captains Lady
» The Deidly Wars Are Past and Gane
» The Dusty Miller
» The Humors of the Glen
» The Chevaliers Lament
» The Lass O Ballochmyle
» The Ploughman
» The Ranting Dog
» The Silver Tassie
» Theniel Menzies Bonie Mary
» There Was a Lad
» Thou Lingering Star
» Tibbie Dunbar
» To Daunton Me
» To the Weavers Gin Ye Go
» Up an Waun Them a Jamie
» Up and Warn a Willie
» Up in the Morning Early
» We Are Anchored by the Roadside Jim
» Were Geyly Yet
» Westlin Winds
» What Will I Do Gin My Hoggie Die
» When Wild Ward Deadly Blast
» Where Braving Angry Winters Storms
» Where Helen Lies
» Whistle Oer the Lave Ot
» Ye Hae Lien Wrang Lassie