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Nedeľa 18. august 2019 | Meniny má Elena, Helena, zajtra Lýdia › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Brandtson - Mark It A Zero

stay between the lines.
balance on the wire.
things i've heard or even said before,
and still I turn.
another try.
making resolutions always with intentions for the best, am I that blind?

you say that it's black and white,
but I question it every time.
I'm holding back and it's easy to follow the world on the outside.
I'm starting to wonder why,
an answer that I don't like.
I'm holding on and it's tearing me into a thousand pieces.

starting at the end,
cross the finish line,
right where I began and start all over once again,
it's not that I,
Though that I could do this on my own,
knowing all too well that I would mak more sense of things when I am falling down.


it won't be long,
I promise,
that i'll never,
forget you,
I won't leave you hear, all alone,
and when you're wrong and you keep falling down,
I'll be waiting, for you,
you can count on me.

2007-08-17 13:12:59, Richie