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Utorok 18. február 2020 | Meniny má Jaromír, zajtra Vlasta › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Blackburn Fiona - Lewis Bridal Song

Oh, take me to the land of passages
Gliding on a distant sea.
Set me down beside the sunset-shadowed sky
To dwell where the eagles fly.
Far away I see the gleaming peaks
Hov'ring high above the earth.
Silently, in stately majesty
They will usher out the sunset fading north.
Rank on rank, the sombre cedar trees
March away their endless mile.
Evergreen, where sight has never seen
They cover every hill and clothe each solitary isle.
>From the shore the ravens call my name.
Dusky wings, they wheel and whirl.
Raucous cries, their haunting lullabies,
Like the ancient voices from another world.
Scarlet flames the brilliant columbine.
Sapphire spears the lupine blue.
Buttercups and silver fairy drops
Weave a fragrant carpet glist'ning in the early morning dew.
>From the deep, the great leviathan
Points his brow into the air.
Crystal white, it breathes a fountain bright;
Then it plunges back, it's fanning flukes obscure.
Icy blue, the glacier's sculpted cliffs
Crumble down into the bay.
Floating ice, a seal's paradise-
And the thund'ring echoes' dialogue will finally fade away.

2007-08-17 13:03:55, Richie