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Barry Manilow - Every Single Day

Every single day
We'll remember what we do today
Words we didn't say
We'll remember every single day
Then years go by
To wonder why, and wonder what we learned
Was that the bridge we should'a crossed?
The one we burned?

Every empty night
To regret a life that could've been
Maybe you were right,
just forget that emptiness within
So if you go
before that moment's gone
look at me the way
I'll remember every single day
From now on

You deserve,I don't know,
what the man I'd love to be
That's not the way it turned out
No, you fell in love with me

Everything you doubt
I will fight for every single day
Help me work it out
Make it right for every single day
But this I swear
I'd stake my life upon
If you go or stay
I will love you as I do today
And I love you
Every Single Day
From Now On

2007-08-17 12:59:00, Richie