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Bad Examples - Jeune Fille In A White Sundress

Whatever it takes to get inside your heart
Someone will, I hope it's me
Whatever it takes to get beneath your skin
Someone will, I hope it's me
The sand on my feet
And the sun on my face
Jeune fille in a white sundress

Late afternoon I watch the waves roll in
Soft and slow against the beach
I watch you walk down the wooden steps
Sky grey eyes smile at me


And when I talk with her
I can't understand a word
She says so sweetly
But I don't care
Because I have such a crush on her
It feels as if she fell from heaven

Midnight in the restaurant
Ocean breeze, crescent moon
A song is playing on the radio
"Ma cherie amour" - I think of you


And someday I'll walk
With the sun in my face
And jeune fille in a white sundress

2007-08-17 12:47:49, Richie