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Backstreet Boys - No Goodbyes

I'm yours, completely
I feel, so deeply
you're my first thought everyday
and i want it that way

My life, is for you
and I, adore you
I love you more everyday
and I want it that way

No goodbyes
(ain't nothing but a heartache)
No more lies
(ain't nothing but a mistake)
that is why
I love it when i hear you say
I want it that way

My heart, is on fire
such a strong, desire
yes i know it's too late
but i want it that way


I gave you my heart
baby right from the start
and thats the way it will always be
no matter the distance
i want you to know
that deep down inside of me

You are my fire
the one desire
you are (4x)
dont wanna hear you say
ain't nothing but a heartache
ain't nothing but a mistake
i love it when i hear you say
you want it that way


cause i want it that way

2007-08-17 12:47:00, Richie