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Arrogant Worms - Celine Dion

i think i got a crush on celine dion
the way she beats her chest when she sings a love song
there's something about her, makes me want to feed her
and i'd love to be mister celine dion
She'll sing a song in english, then she'll sing en francais
both the songs will suck, but i love her anyway
she's full of emotion, i'm full of devotion
for celine, and i'll be hers some day

oh celine dion, you soft rock my world
won't you please be my celine
i'd do anything if you'd be my girl
oh be my girl celine

i sent you cards and letters, but you don't respond
(you don't respond)
you play hard to get, but my heart goes on and on
(on and on.....)
i just want to say, je vous aimerais
and i can see your house from my van


her skin's so soft and clean
just like porceline
i wish she'd slather me
with a tub of vaseline
that was a little creepy
i'm sorry celine (celine) celine (celine) celine
Celine Dion

2007-08-17 12:21:24, Richie