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Angie Martinez - If I Can Go (Feat. Lil' Mo)

Oh, yeah, yeah (Yeah...)
Animal House (Hey...hey...hey...)
Come on, woo, come on, uh {If I can go with you}
Yo, yo, uh {Hey}

If I could choose a place to go, it gotta be far away
From here we could crossover like Hardaway
Somewhere outside the states
Where tommorow's like today
And I'm out in a space where nobody else could stay
And if I can go wit you
Then I’ll go get the ticket right now if that’s cool
Have you ever been close to
Feelin' like leavin' the coast too
Feelin' like leavin' with somebody who
Hold you the right way while watchin the night fade
Make you feel like you right back in the 9th grade
When you know what he likes and what he might say
And you try to be calm and answer in nice ways
And if I can go wit you
Way out the states, no 2-ways and no page
No cells and no trace, and you just a phone call away
So all I got to say is

If I can go,contigo
I’ll pack my things soon as you say
Baby,vamos, we'll fly away
Like there is no, no tomorrow

If I can go,contigo
I’ll tell my friends nothing at all
I’ll get my things soon as you say
Baby,vamos, we’ll fly away

And if I can go with you
Oh, boy, we 'bout you make a lot of people annoyed
And coy, you better know I know how to sneak with them toys
And boy with the block since around '94, boy
And if I could flow with you
Holdin' dat dough, after the studio I'll roll with you
I send Dutch and three other goons to go get you
Sacario, the name awaits the whole issue
Grown men keep on cryin', get mo' tissue (haha)
The way me and this girlie rhymin', it's so official
Down takin' a trip too with no pistols
'Cause everything peace, only sand on the streets
Little Miami Heat, that's the plan we'll see
Two cups, one in Seando, one in Sand Beach
And I’ll think I’ll go with you
So tell the station you need a week back to you (Tell me, oh)


You can fly away (Fly away)
No one has to know (No-no-no-no-no-no)
Babe, take me with you (With you)
'Cause if I can go (I can go)
Soon as you say the word
We'll be on our way
To a foreign place (Woo...woo...)
You got to tell me (Tell me, oh)

Yo', uh
So now that we got a plan are you comin'?
We could plan a week (Come on)
The only question now is La Guardia or Kennedy
And a seat, no aisle, no window 'cause I like to see
And seein’ as to how I’m so fly me and the clouds could speak
And since we 'bout to go in a few
(Go 'head) Oh, I just wanted to tell Trace, thank you
(Go 'head) That week off, I'm grateful, what was you tryin' to say, Boo?
Nothin', just grab my chain off the table and 2-way too
Okay, that little place is a great move
And ain't no problems, unless the water don't stay blue
And the shop's there?
If they don't got 'em, they don't make 'em (True)
No concrete, just sand, throw away your shoes (That's right)
Now that we are on our way
And our bags is packed and the car service (Come on) is not late
Everything's okay
So I guess I catch you on the next track
Now I don’t gotta ask


If I can go, contigo
I'll pack my things soon as you say
Baby,vamos , we'll fly away
Like there is no, no tomorrow

And If can go,contigo
I'll tell my friends nothing at all
Nothing at all
I’ll tell my friends nothing at all (haha)

2007-08-17 12:10:03, Richie