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Angelina - You And Me - Ven A Mi (Come To Me)

Energy, running through my body when you're next to me
Can't you see, baby there's no other place I'd rather be

I work the crowd to seek you out and have you notice me
It's only time you will be mine, that's how it's gotta be
You look at me, I look at you, my heart is pumping fast
I'll make my move but take my time and try to make it last

You and me,
I want you, you want me, and it's easy to see
You and me,
Why don't you come to me, and then you will see, this is real

I want to be the only one you're dreaming of, your fantasy
It's plain to see, you belong to me the rest is history

Give me tonight I'll do you right I'm wasting no more time
So hold me hips and touch my lips, this love will blow your mind
This is the plan, every command I give you will obey
So recognize and realize just what I'm trying to say


Surge en mi, electricidad cuando estoy junto a ti
Ven a mi, que no ves este amor es para ti

Oigo la musica y bailo para que me veas
Divisandome yo se que tu veras estrellas
Algo me dice seras mio, asi debe ser
Y al acabe de la noche sere tu mujer


2007-08-17 12:09:30, Richie