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Amy Correia - Carnival

The bearded lady winked at the tattooed man
And the tattooed man took her by the hand
Together they walked into their house of mirrors
And that starts a whole bunch of sideshow rumors
They were a little bit afraid of looking at each other ‘cause
Everybody said you look weird together
When the lights go up and the sun goes down
They're the perfect couple underneath these pink cotton candy clouds
It was a carnival carnival love
It was a carnival carnival love
It was a carnival carnival love
The sword swallower swallowed his pride
And he fell at the knees of his contortionist bride
He said you bent over backwards honey to give me your love
And it's made me believe in a god above
And the fat lady looked so beautiful
Under the fried dough moon
And the rough sailor boy with his unanchored eye
He was the only one there made that solid woman swoon
I heard ecstatic lovers screamin' on the roller coaster ride
I saw girls who felt pretty with a boyfriend at their side
I could taste it I could smell it in the air
It was love and it cast out all fear
And the lonely hearted people who ride on the ferris wheel
Gonna eat a sugar-coated star
And all those lonely hearted people up there
They just got to be loved for exactly who they are

2007-08-17 12:05:32, Richie